Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Afripinion digital reaches 1Million online users in Nigeria and globally.

Advertising with Afripinion.com

1.Large brand adverts
1400 x 500 banner that occupies the full width of the webpage
2.Side panel adverts
300 x 600 banner with 2 mins of viewability with 5x the CTR of industry benchmark
3.Mobile display adverts
Two static mobile banner size options:
300 x 450 or 300 x 250
4.Premium sticky advert units
A 320 x 480 banner with 100% visibility as the reader scrolls. This offers high-impact and increased user engagement
5.Newsletter adverts
A 600 x 250* banner with 2-3 advertising slots included in each edition
*alternative size: 400 x 250
6.Sponsored content
While clients are able to provide their own content for publication, afripinion.com offers a curated sponsored content alternative.

Afripinion.com provides a host of advertising options ranging from banners on our website and newsletter, to sponsored content features and events. To speak with one of the salespeople, please get in touch for a customised proposal.

Innovation beyond boundaries

Advertise with us

We have a far reach and so will your products or services when you pitch your tent with us.

Afripinion.com has always been on the forefront when it comes to finding new ways to keep readers engaged. We listen and respond to our audience’s demands for more interactive digital media and audio, and are constantly paving new avenues for brands to participate in these endeavours.

Should you desire to advertise with us, send an email to: advert@afripinion.com

Our Rates

Advertising accepted by Afripinion.com is subject to all terms and conditions contained herein. Forwarding of an order by the advertiser constitutes acceptance by the advertiser of all rates and conditions that exist when the advertising is sold by Afripinion.com, and those of subsequent rate cards. Forwarding of an advertising order also indicates acceptance of the advertising acceptability policies of Afripinion.com. In the event of a conflict between the advertiser’s order and the rate card, the rate card shall govern.

The terms and conditions of this rate card and all subsequent rate cards are incorporated into every advertising contract between Afripinion.com and the advertiser and/or agency. Submission of advertising subsequent to the receipt of such a contract constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract. Afripinion.com reserves the right to issue new rate cards and to revise its rates in writing, effective no less than five (5) days after distribution of the new rate card and/or of written notice of rate changes to the address of the advertisers or agency stated in a contract.


Afripinion is utilizing new technologies to push the envelope and extend the definition of contextual targeting. Trailblazing to contextually target attributes that have never before been possible — emotions, controversy and social engagement are just the beginning.

General Policies

Advertisements must be paid for prior to publication deadline unless credit has been established by the advertiser and/or agency with Afripinion.com. However, certain advertising categories will require prepayment as specified in the rate cards. Acceptable forms of prepayment are bank transfer, credit card or advertiser/ cash.